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SOL-MATE - Damper Datasheet

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2019 Innotech Partner Conference

30th October 2019

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"OMNI Compact" NOW AVAILABLE.Omni Compact VAV / Small Point Controller______________________

THE New Evolution of controls systems  "OMNI" now available...

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"micro Spider2 - Industrial" - Available Now

NRP Electrical Services is now the Western Australian Distributor for the Halytech "micro Spider2 - Industrial" SMS and Email alarm dialer range and montioring system.


The microSpider2 Industrial is a complete data logging and telemetry system. It includes all software, hardware, backup battery and a built-in mobile phone module to allow remote monitoring and support. The enclosure fits standard DIN rail brackets.


microSpider Industrial

The Micro Spider Industrial can:

  • monitor inputs (analogue, digital, counters, frequency, quadrature/shaft encoder)
  • control outputs
  • generate SMS, email and twitter alarms
  • record data
  • send data via e-mail or FTP
  • communicate via internal 3G modem
  • charge an external SLA battery via a built-in solar panel / mains charger
  • update software automatically in-field from remote servers, or update from connected pc.

The microSpider2 Industrial is ideal for long term monitoring and can interface with a wide range of sensors and meters. the browser interface makes it easy to set up and test. It can be powered from 12v dc.

The microSpider2 Industrial logs data and automatically sends reports via email or ftp. Any alarms can activate outputs, send SMS and email alarm messages as well as historical reports



  • Economical – low upfront, installation and operational costs
  • Easy to use – simple familiar web browser interface
  • Easy to install
  • Integrated mounting – DIN rail compatible.
    • Simply connect antenna, battery / supply and inputs.
  • No special software required
    • setup and download using browser
    • can be managed remotely (requires LiveSMS option)
    • reports sent straight to your PC or server
    • text/csv reports open in Excel
    • receive reports via email or FTP
  • No licenses, royalties or service agreements
  • Large internal memory – full local backup of data

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"Black Pear" VRV BMS Interface - Available Now

Black Pear Topology

Key Features       Application
   - Connects directly to 2-wire HVAC bus Communicate with following BMS open Protocol’s
   - Integrated LCD display       - BACnet I/P
   - Replaces central controller       - Modbus RTU or IP
   - HVAC BMS Interfaces   - TREND Via and Outstation
         Daikin, Toshiba, Panasonic and Mitsubishi  



The BLACK PEAR HVAC controller is the most versatile on the market, connecting directly to the 2-wire HVAC bus. The integrated LCD display provides an engineer’s interface for local control, removing the need for a central controller and separate interface. The result saves time, space and commissioning is made simple with free USB based configuration software. The units will operate on systems with or without a central controller and supports Modbus, BACnet or Trend protocols. The device is easily configured to communicate with units in the same way that a standard central controller communicates with connected units. When the controller is powered it scans the entire network for all connected indoor units. The keypad controller can be used to operate all indoor units. This feature is very useful in the event of a BMS failure in providing and enabling continuous communication. The controller can be configured by a PC interface to group units and name zones.

Length 211mm
Height 118mm
Depth 38mm


Protocols Supported: BACnet I/P, Modbus RTU or IP
TCC Link U3/U4: 2 core screened 1.5 or 2.5mm depending upon network length
BMS System: Ethernet or SerialP
Backlit Graphic Display: 62mm x 62mm and navigational buttons
Power: 24Vac 5VA
Air Conditioner Connection: 2-wire T1 & T2 communication bus
Communications Platforms: Ethernet, RS232, RS485, 2-wire Network Bus
Control: Set point, return air, mode, vane position, fan speed, Inhibit, error code, on/off, air direction




"James Reid Electrical Controls is now a Division of NRP Electrical Services..."

After more than 50 years of quality service to it's customers James Reid Electrical Controls is now a Division of "NRP Electrical Services".




"NRP Electrical Services" solid reputation as an electrical, controls and building automation specialist to the mechanical services sector ensures that existing James Reid Electrical Controls customers will continue to receive the highest level of service.


Operating from our 3000mOsborne Park premises our in-house manufacturing department specialises in the design and manufacture of quality electrical switchboards and metal enclosures.


Our team of 80+ loyal employees are committed to ongoing research and continual improvement through our quality systems, which meet Australian standards. They posses a wealth of industry experience, many with us more than twenty years.


We provide cost effective products and services to meet the diversified needs of our clients. Our highly trained service team assist in maintenaning your investment and emergency service & repair.


Please contact us for service, your future project requirements or to discuss our new capabilities as a Division of "NRP Electrical Services".