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The Heritage Precinct (Brookfield Place)

NRP Electrical services teamed up with Western Australian Mechanical Services to assist Multiplex in delivering a quality refurbishment of the four heritage listed buildings (the Heritage Precinct) on the northern boundary of the BHP Tower development site.

The buildings include Newspaper House, Print Hall, Royal Insurance & WA Trustees and Perth Technical College.

Each building was supplied and installed with dedicated Innotech DDC system by NRP Electrical services with the expectation of being on-sold to different clients in the future.

Given the small footprints of the buildings they are jam packed with technology including the following:


Technology Summary:

  • Innotech Magellan BMS Frontend (Touchscreen)
  • Remote Access ADSL Modem
  • Genesis2 DCC Central Plant Controllers and Expansion Modules
  • Daikin VRV with BACnet High Level interface to the BMS.
  • BACnet High Level interface to Chillers.
  • BACnet Interface to Variable Speed Drives.
  • Siemens Chilled Water and Heating Water Thermal Energy Meters monitored via M-Bus HLI.
  • Gas and Water Hydralic Meter Monitoring via M-Bus High level Interface.
  • Electrical kWh Meter Monitoring via Modbus High level Interface.
  • Innotech's ATOM Energy Optimisation and Billing Reporting Package.